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Revolution in Texas Over the past two weeks I have read the book, Revolution in Texas: How A Forgotten Rebellion and Its Bloody Suppression Turned Mexicans Into Americans; by Benjamin Heber Johnson. In Johnson's introduction he discusses raids throughout the book. In early 1915 a draft that occurred in south Texas with the slogan “liberating army of all races“ the groups of people aimed for this army were Mexican, blacks, and Indians. The purpose of this army was to overthrow United States rule in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, California, and Arizona; in the process it would kill all white males over the age of sixteen. This was known as the “Plan de San Diego.” This plan helped create a Mexican American identity at first, which confused the …show more content…

Johnson concludes his introduction by letting his readers know that the book will tell a story of both Mexico and the United States histories and of the journey of becoming an American. This book is broken down into eight chapters, each chapter discusses main points that in the end lead to legacies and citizenship into America. Johnson gives a good insight as to what it took for Mexicans to become citizens of America. Throughout the book the author describes different battles, killings, and tragic stories. In the first chapter, Conquest, Johnson discusses the Mexican-American War of 1846 near the Rio Grande. The United States conquest involved dramatic changes that overpowered Mexican and Indian residents. The Indian and Mexican people were looked upon as bad men. The propaganda of the situations between the Indian and Mexican people and Texas Rangers created novels, and television shows that were used to celebrate the United States success over the Indian and Mexican people. In chapter two, Trouble In Mind, discusses the Mexican Revolution in hopes to fuse “Mexican and American traditions to restore economic and political

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