Juan Seguin's Manifest Destiny

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Juan Seguin and Manifest Destiny

Juan Seguin is a very influential man who played a significant role in the history

of Texas, specifically the Texan Revolution. He was born in San Antonio de Bextar,

Texas in the early 19th century, which at that time in history was part of Mexico. The

Seguin family had lived in that area for several years. In the 1740s, the Seguin family

had arrived in the San Antonio Valley, making them one of the oldest families in the

area. Once a Spanish providence now under the control of Mexico, this area of land

saw the migration of many Anglos. The Mexican government allowed the Anglos to

settle in Texas, but they had to follow the Mexican policies and laws set forth. Living in

Mexican Texas, Juan involved
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The Anglos arriving in Texas did

not see the Mexicans as friends or neighbors they saw them as inferior people. This is

what results of the idea of the manifest destiny. The mManifest destiny is the idea or

attitude that God created the Anglo-Saxon race to bring civilization to inferior dark

people. This was the main motivator of the expansion throughout history. As Anglo

Americans moved to Texas, many native born Mexican Texans would be removed from

their land and face discrimination. Slowly, the natives of Texas became outsiders in

their own land. Juan Seguin himself face Anglo opposition. After the republic Republic

of Texas was formed, Juan Seguín was the only Spanish speaking senator. He was

driven out of his own land because of untrue accusations from Anglos that he was still

loyal to the Mexican government. Juan fled to Mexico with his family, but later returned

to Texans. He became an outsider in his homeland and the land in which he fought to

free. Juan and the native-born Mexicans became the foreigners in their home.

In conclusion, through the story of Juan Seguin, one can see that he and
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