Research Paper On Stephen F Austin An Empresario

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Stephen F. Austin an “Empresario” Stephen F. Austin son of Moses Austin, was born in southwest Virginia on November 3, 1793. Mousse Austin sign a contract with Spanish colonial government of Mexico in January 1821, which contract gave Mousse Austin the right to set legal migration of Anglo-Americans in Texas. After Mousse Austin dead, his son Stephen F. Austin took over his father contract of setting three hundred families in Texas, he became an Empresario. During the process of setting the families in Texas Austin face a complication. As Empresario Austin have different duties and right. After Austin reach his vision he believe to be the future of Texas. “Both parties to the agreement soon changed, because within few months Mousse Austin dead and Mexico won independence from Mexico” (Austin). Before Stephen Austin started working on his vision of a U.S. colony in Texas, soon a complication arose. After eleven years of rebellion and civil war, Spanish regime collapsed and Mexico became independent. Austin concern was if the Spanish’s contract was valid. After Austin arrive in Bexar with the first 40 families, Austin was in the need of leave to Mexico City to get the approved of the grant with the Mexican government which took him about a year. Because …show more content…

The world is Spanish for entrepreneur. The empresario primary duty was to recruit a specific number of qualified families. The empresario pay for his work was five leagues of land and five cultivable labors of farm per every 100 families. If the contract were not do in time they were penalties. The contract was void if the empresario failed to produce a minimum of one hundred families within a set time period. The duties and the rights of an Empresario was like any other job, the get pay for their work or get dismissed because not performing the work on

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