How Did Henderson Impact On American History

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When it comes to the Henderson family name there are rumors of the Indian heritage being all in the blood line. Tracing the name back to Germany, England, and Scotland in the 17th Century the rumor was proven to be wrong. Ancestors of the Henderson’s do have historical significance in Texas where Peter Whetstone co-founded the town of Marshall, fought in the Texas Revolution, and also the Regulator-Moderator War. The Whetstone name originates from the German name Wetzstein and evolved to the English form after Heinrich Peter Wetzstein when his family emigrated to America in 1732. “Peter Wetzstein, age 26 years, and his wife Anna Elizabeth Kurtz, age 23, and their daughter Magratha age 6, emigrated to Philadelphia aboard the ship Samuel of London” (Campbell). Heinrich Peter Wetzstein grandchild Peter Whetstone had the most impact on American history and it would all begin in Indiana. It all began in 1790 when David and Rebeekah had their son Peter whose life is undocumented until he emigrates from Arkansas to Texas with his wife Edice Dicey Anderson Webster in 1829. They had six children together Johnston, Mary …show more content…

Moses Austin was awarded one contract and soon thereafter died and which led to his son Stephen F. Austin in charge of the colony. In Stephen Austin’s contract to bring settlers to Texas, he states, “The families which are to compose this Colony besides being industrious as he offers in his petition must be Catholics, and of good morals” (Austin). Additionally he stated that “He shall be obliged not to admit in the new Colony Criminals, Vagabonds, or Men of bad Conduct or Character, and Cause such as are within his limi[ts] to leave it and should it be necessary he shall drive them out by force of arms” (Austin) and becomes significant after Whetstone lived in Texas for

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