Joh John Hudson's Influence On Society

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The famous parisian that i have picked is John Hudson. He was born in Memphis Tennessee and moved to Paris Tennessee when he was 18. He is now a defencive ends coach for Henry County HIgh school in paris tennessee. He was played college football for the University of Auburn Alabama. He started all of his games as a college player. He was drafted in the 1990 NFL Draft and the 194th pick. He was drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles.
What has john done to benefit our society. Coach hudson is now a coach for henry county high school in paris tennessee. Said in one instance that “i love to teach children discipline and how to have fun on the football field”.
John hudson 's lasting impact on our society gives him great respect there isn 't to ,anny parisians who can say the won a superbowl or got drafted to the NFL at all. That 's why a bunch of people look up to him including myself. …show more content…

John Hutson won the Super Bowl with the baltimore ravens in 2000. This is the most highest reward a team can get in the NFl. its pretty cool knowing your football coach has a super bowl ring. John hudson has a huge impact on our city. He is planed to coach defencive ends at henry county for as long as he can. John hudson has also had a big impact on myself and all of my teammates. The things that he has taught me will be with me when my kids play football in the

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