Annexation Of Texas Essay

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The annexation of Texas occurred in the early 1800’s. American colonists were expanding into the Northern sector of the Rio Grande, which developed the need for Texas to become a part of the United States. In the South, the people supported the drive toward the annexation of Texas, but the Northerners opposed this idea. Texas was another slave state and the nature of their society did not appear appealing to the North. Therefore, William Ellery Channing wrote a letter to the Senator of Texas, Henry Clay in 1837. In this letter he addresses the issues he felt would arise if Texas were to be added to the United States. One concern Channing had was that the Texas freedom from Mexico would result in a war, entangling America with England and other European countries. William Ellery Channing also felt the annexation would cause complications in America from the preservation of slavery, not only in Texas, but in other territories that the United States chose to takeover, which would force into a …show more content…

O’Sullivan was an American columnist whom was known for his use of the term, “manifest destiny,” which promoted the annexation of Texas to the United States. He argues that the adverse attitude toward Texas’ independence from Mexico needs to end. In this article, O’Sullivan also expands on the importance of the growth of the country throughout the continent. It further acknowledges the freedom of Texas as not a rebellion, but by abandonment from Mexico. John O’Sullivan sees the future of America expanding into California and Mexico becoming a country without a real government. The future of the West coast would be connected to the Eastern states by railroad, allowing the transportation of travelers and products across the country. O’Sullivan believed with the annexation of new states, America would be stronger than other countries should any complications arise in a

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