First Seminole War Dbq

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During the early to mid 1800s, the colonization of “Indians” and subordination of “women’s rights in the American society,” was very essential to those in authority. They were perceived as a mere means to an end by promises of a better life in exchange for “land and work.” Although locals complied, those in offices took advantage by using antagonistic tactics in achieving wealth, power, and ownership. However, these actions lead to “The First Seminole War, The Monroe Doctrine, Andrew Jackson’s leadership, The Indian Removal Act, The California Gold Rush, The Seneca Falls Convention, and the Birth of the Republican Party.” Although some Americans have been perceived as heroes, their actions have said otherwise about their character. Firstly, in the “First Seminole War of 1818” the actions of the ‘Americans’ have affected the “Indians” in this particular situation. Before “Andrew Jackson” became “President” he was put in charge of clearing lands of its occupants in “Florida” for the government. He would use intimidation which sometimes leads to hostile takeover and “two more wars” therefore permitting him success. Next, a “policy” …show more content…

This led to a significant monetary and infrastructure contribution to the “San Francisco” area. However, there was a downside to it because taking away of “lands” and the “environmental harm” it brought. In those days “women” had no stature in society or what their “role” really was and mostly the “right to vote.” Some decided to do something about it so they held the “Seneca Falls Convention” where they could voice their disgust and concerns about the issues. Some like “Mott and Stanton” pushed for equality for “women” whilst others think differently. But “Stanton” put forward the “Declaration of Sentiments document in the American woman’s suffrage movement” to put forth unity between both sexes in allowing “women to

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