Summary Of Anthem By Ayn Rand

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Dependency. This word is straight from Hades according to Ayn Rand. She believes very strongly in ethical egoism, which is the ideal that people need to look out for themselves and not depend on the government or anyone else for help. She very clearly portrays this warning in being dependent on the government and others in her book Anthem and in her interview with Mike Wallace. Her views on helping the less fortunate through the government and other organizations are no exception to these ideals. Ayn Rand’s views toward helping the less fortunate are pretty straightforward. They are, we can not give any extra money to the government because it is not in people’s self interest to help them; however, in the end, it should be up to the person …show more content…

Rand wrote this book as a warning in order to inform people that if they are too dependent on the government it will take over and eventually become radical. It states in the book Anthem “there are no men but only the great WE”(Rand 19). This is an example of how Rand thinks the government can take over. If people are dependent, according to her, the government will overstep its bounds and impose its ideals onto the people and eventually it will be easier to take over. This in turn supports her views about giving to the poor. In her eyes, if the government or any organization gives to the less fortunate than they should be looked down on. This is because if they give to them they are, in the end, not looking out for his or her self interest because they will become too dependent on that support and will eventually be living off this. This completely goes against the views of Ayn Rand which completely and utterly supports self independence. This is why the book was written as a warning not something that was eminent, just something that people should think about next time they want support. However, in my opinion I think that people should get the support they need but not necessarily from the …show more content…

Although, in my opinion, I think that there should be some help for the less fortunate, but it should be through charity and personal donation not through the government. Also she thinks that organizations that help the poor are to be looked down on, but in my personal opinion they should be looked up to but only if they are truly trying to help them. If someone is poor and needs money, it should in the end be up to the person if they want to help not the government’s decision. However, I do agree with Ayn Rand on the topic of self independence. If there are people who are poor and the government is giving them welfare they will learn to live off that and eventually be content with that. That is not what welfare should be used for though, it should be used as an extra last resort support system for an individual until they can get back on their feet. This is why there are so many people on the street and in homeless shelters, because the government is giving them free money. This is why it should in the end be up to private organizations and charity. This is because if it is a small group of people working with the less fortunate they can get to know them individually and try to help them off of welfare or the support that they are getting. Granted there are some things that the less fortunate should have the opportunity to have and that is health care. However,

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