What Does America Mean To Me Essay

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When you ask a non American “What does America mean to you?”, they will more often than not answer with hamburgers, obesity, NFL and Reality TV. That is okay because who doesn 't love hamburgers and football filled Sundays, who doesn 't love watching silly reality TV shows and who doesn 't love a cheat day every once in awhile? Those people are judging a book by its cover and fortunately for me… well my thoughts about America are quite different. When an individual asks me “What does America mean to you?”, I immediately think of three words, freedom, love and family. The most important right someone can have in this world is freedom and luckily for americans we have the luxury of freedom all the time. America has the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition, the freedoms I just listed are only a few that America are known for. Sadly for other countries, most of them do not allow freedom at all. America is known for all of their freedom but, with freedom comes a lot of responsibility and that responsibility is why I think of the word love. …show more content…

Without love America would not be the country that it is, we would not cherish our luxuries, we would not care about our country as a whole and we certainly would not be as successful as we are. Americans have a lot of love and passion for our country, we have more passion for our country than we do for our Sunday football, which you could say is a lot. Love is something that you cannot fake, love is something that you genuinely care about and with love comes positive actions. We show our love to America by joining the army, voting for positive positive people to represent America, working and we sing our national anthem proudly while looking at our flag passionately. There is one thing that we Americans love more than our country and that is each other because we are a

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