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Life is a rainbow which has a lot of colors. It also has a lot of feelings such as happiness, sadness, stress, disappointment, and impression. Thus, the emotion sometimes brings human problems which need to be solved. I also had a problem in my life when I moved to America 3 year ago. I am an immigrant; I have been here with my family. When I lived in Vietnam, I used to have a beautiful love with my classmate. I also thought that we should break up when I move to the USA, but our relationship continues until now. Our relationship lasts about 3 years. I also think that it is so difficult to stop this relationship. On the other hand, when I begin to live in a new environment, I realize that I can’t continue to maintain our relationship because of main elements such as finance, distance, and the parents. So, I want to ask you:” How can I do? Break up or continue?” First of all, the finance is an important problem which prevents our relationship. We are college students and have a part time job after classes. The part time job just help us save a little money to support to ourselves and the study. Additionally, we are over …show more content…

His parents don’t want him to move to America if we get marriage because they worry about the new life which has a lot of difficulty and change. Additionally, they don’t want to ba away from him. They are really fastidious when they don’t like a girl who has a tattoo or don’t know how to cook a meal. On the other hand, my parents don’t want me to come back to Vietnam because the living condition in the USA is better than Vietnam which includes medical, education, and job. In addition, they think that I will have a better life if I get marriage with someone in here because I am young and can get a lot of chances. They believe that I am not mature enough to decide the love right now. Thus, the parent's presentation creates difficulty for our

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