Immigration To America Essay

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The United States is the most diverse country in the world and people from different countries travel to the United States for a better future or because they just love the United States freedom. The United States was built by immigrant around the world in fact, that is why a lot of people love to go to the U.S.A being that the U.S. accept as much immigrants as they can. Before moving to the United States of America every immigrant should know some basic American tradition; because it will help them understand American traditions. American food are serve in many different ways and the portion option in food is different than any other country. In America their some things that are name differently or we use different rule then other country is like the American language.…show more content…
In America the rent is expensive and is hard to save enough money to buy desirable item. Next, the best way to keep money safe is having a bank account/ credit card because many places accept credit card such as visa and master card where it possible to buy food, clothes, and many more things. Money is also used for tips not a lot of countries tip but in America people give extra money to people in the salon/barber shop and the most common place to give tip is in a restaurant that have waiter and waitress. Tip is also seen as a person thanking the person for the great work they did. In conclusion, in the United States of America there is many information that immigrant should know before moving to the land of opportunity. The reason is that it will benefit them to be able to understand how the American culture work. The food in America are one of a kind. Americans name things differently than other countries. Money in America is used in many different ways. And that is what makes the U.S. unique then other
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