Grievances In Thomas Jefferson's Declaration Of Independence

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In the summer of 1776, Thomas Jefferson may have wrote the best “breakup letter” ever. Jefferson included in his letter a long list of grievances against the British and King George. In the long list of grievances he included: America's Declaration Of Independence against Great Britain. While Jefferson was writing the Declaration Of Independence; he felt like he was writing his death sentence and so did the signers of the document. Some topics that he included in the Declaration were how Thomas Jefferson was tired of how the king treated the American citizens, Equality, The Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, Consent of the Governed, and Alter or abolish the government. The Declaration Of Independence was the first step of the creation of a new nation. …show more content…

Back in the 1700’s, Thomas Jefferson probably intended for “equality” to mean that they should be treated the same as everyone else, whether they live in Great Britain or not. Things have changed a lot since the 1700’s and equality has progressed to include many other things. People from all of the world including Diana Pham that lived in refugee camps in Indonesia and Malaysia she stated: “ Our two daughters are just finishing their university education at Stanford and Michigan which would never had been possible without this country’s belief in equality. My daughters, like other Americans, had an equal opportunity to succeed. America has given our family the chance to become whatever we choose to become” (Document A). Many people come to America to chase and experience the “American Dream” and also live out their life to the fullest; which they could not have had if they would have lived in other countries from around the world; as they don't have equal rights like

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