Stono Rebellions

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The British North American colonies developed marvelously in self government, religious, economic and social ways of life from 1607 to 1763, and in doing so they laid the foundations for our world today. They weren’t always correct in their actions. As Sumner Redstone said ‘Success is not built on success. It 's built on failure. It 's built on frustration. Sometimes it’s built on catastrophe.” When the colonies failed to recognize women, slaves, natives, and landless people as people who could vote, when the Northern colonies couldn’t farm in their soil, and when the New York and Stono Rebellions happened, it strengthened the colonies. They built themselves from that, into the USA we have today.

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The people that inhabited Northern America before the colonists were the Native Americans. They welcomed the colonists with mix of kindness and eagerness to make contact with the world. That however, was offset by animosity based on the justified fear that the colonists were going to seize their lands. The Natives first attacked Virginia when it was just starting then did an about face and later saved the starving colony by gifting them bread, meat, fish, and corn. Unsurprisingly, the colonist’s urge to move westward intensified and they repaid the Natives by throwing them out of their homes, slaughtering and taking over their lands. That started Native/Colonist tension, and other notable war between these two was the Yamasee War (fought in South Carolina from 1715–1717). Later on the colonists went on to abuse of another group of people, this time the Africans. The first Africans were brought to Jamestown in 1619 (as slaves) but slavery didn’t really boom until the mid 1680’s when black slaves outnumbered white servants. Black slaves helped build the economic foundations of this nation of ours, and without them the colonists may have not flourished as they did. Even when they were ‘freed’, they were mistreated. In 1670, Virginia disfranchised landless freedmen and didn’t treat the freedmen on par with the white people. The black slaves struck out in New York in 1712 (with 9 whites and 21 blacks dead), and South Carolina in 1739,(with 21 whites and 44 blacks …show more content…

The colonies abused of these people to create our world as we know it today, and while that is tragic, we cannot change what they did. We can today, be fair and believe that everyone is a human being that should be treated as such. Today from the Native Americans sharing their food and how they cultivated plants with the colonists, we have many types of foods made up of those first crops, and modern agriculture. The United States’s government is a “limited representative democratic republic” something made possible because of the colonist’s steps into self government. All of those above 18 can vote, and everyone’s opinion is counted. This diverse nation has so many types of religions in it, from it’s people. Socially we have relations to all of the countries, since the USA is a superpower. The colonies gave this country a solid

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