Social Security And Illegal Immigration

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Immigration Immigration has been an ongoing issue for many in the United States, particularly illegal immigration. Immigration is defined as the act of moving from a country you were born in to another country you were not born in. Legal immigrants are in the country legally, and are documented, meaning that they can work and live in America. Illegal immigrants are undocumented immigrants. They are those who are granted permission to come and work in America for a certain amount of time but decide to stay when their visas expire. Other illegal immigrants come to America without any permits or working visas. Many immigrants migrate to America to escape persecutions such as religious and political oppression in their country. They come to…show more content…
The Social Security Administration stated that illegal immigrants that are ineligible to receive Social Security benefits, paid $100 billion into Social Security funding over the previous decade. “They are paying an estimated $15 billion a year into Social Security with no intention of ever collecting benefits” (Stephen Goss). Immigrants have had a major impact in Social Security. Without their contributions, Social Security would not have been able to cover many of their payouts. By 2037 the Social Security Board of Trustees will no longer be able to pay benefits in full to people, without the contributions immigrants put into Social…show more content…
The rapidly increasing population in America will have an effect on jobs and housing, due to the number of immigrants. The U SS should act sooner rather than later because it will make it harder for the citizens to find jobs and houses in the future. Immigration rates are extremely high in the U SS that it is causing damage to the environment. Population growth is a serious issue because it can have an impact in many ways both good and bad. It can increase unemployment rates in the future if the government does not act now to bring a stop to the rapidly growing immigrants in the U.S. Another major concern connected with overpopulation is education. Educating too many children will lead to many problems. Funds available to schools and teachers will be affected badly. But, immigrant children need to be educated; immigrants will become violent if they were uneducated. Uneducated immigrants will start committing crimes and some may start abusing drugs. This will lead to many being put to jail and could harm the American citizens as well as
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