Definition Essay On Immigration

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What is an immigrant? Well, the answer for that could be multiple things. For example, it could be a person who has immigrated to a foreign country, a person who sees this world with new eyes, or possibly children. My personal definition of an immigrant is someone who sees this world differently, but the differences are generally their hopeful eyes. There are multiple people who consider my definition wrong since by dictionary an immigrant is someone who lives permanently in a foreign country. Yet both of those descriptions can be considered both right and wrong we have chosen our own description that goes with our liking. In my most honest opinion, there are three types of immigrants: our founding fathers, relatives, and dreamers. With all …show more content…

Such as emigrating to another country before we were born or during our childhood. For some of the people, their families are possibly in their country of origin. Whether or not they are in their country of origin or elsewhere the family members have every right to take on a new identity. Just recently there have been numerous news articles on what the government calls DACA. DACA is the acronym for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. DACA basically gives legal protection to people who have arrived into the US as children. Many of the children under DACA have been brought to the US without their consent since they were children at the time of their arrival. Just as the families have their own reason for moving and trying to get their children under DACA. There are also other people who come to the US with many different protections. Another form of temporary protection status is the TPS. In my family, many of my aunts and uncles have TPS.TPS is generally granted to people from third world countries who have had a natural disaster in their country or they are escaping from the inequity that is seen on a daily basis. With that in mind, TPS or DACA recipients also have to do things that U.S. citizens such as pay taxes, jury duty, and obey the laws. Yet these people are still considered illegal "aliens" even if they do things that most citizens possibly do or

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