Why Did Immigration To America Change In This Half Of The 19th Century

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3. How did immigration to America change in the latter half of the nineteenth century, and what was the response to that change? “Immigration “ The prominent changes were occurred throughout the latter half of nineteenth century which includes reforms to the Immigration policy and impact of immigration in America. Immigration has played a vital role in past resulted some changes in American history, the immigrant population directly affected the Americans. Prior to the Civil war the number of immigrants were drastically increased which made reasonable thoughts of the bloodiest war in American history. The policy was criticized by people and the nation itself and thus introduced the number of acts to control the immigration throughout the country. The number showed that millions of immigrants migrated to the U.S major Eastern cities from Europe which comprised of 80% of the immigrant population. The causes of immigration in those states were fleeing unemployment, food shortages, …show more content…

In conclusion, the immigration to America in the latter- half of the nineteenth century were sort of advantages and lots of consequences in American policy and America as a …show more content…

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