Analysis Of The Immigrant By Charlie Chaplin

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98 years ago, in June 17, 1917, “The Immigrant” is a silent romantic comedy short film, which was written, directed by Charlie Chaplin, was released in America. It is a story of an immigrants encounter on the journey to America and his love story with a young woman he met on the boat. Charlie Chaplin’s the immigrant tended to show the society the view of life from an immigrant who has experienced many adversity and scenarios in order to look for understanding and sympathy from people to the immigrants as himself. Immigration is a very social issue in America at the time of 1917. The number of immigrant to America reached 1.25 million and had a big tendency to increase. Americans began to doubt the government’s open door policy. Under pressure of the public, Immigration Act was passed on February 1917. Why American started feeling “angry” toward those new immigrants? The answers are: they were often poor; many of them were illiterate and had a big different cultural and religious background. Those differences will appeared in Charlie Chaplin’s The Immigrant. The time they are closest to “the land of Free” is when they are temporarily stolen their freedom. I am talking about the fist half of the film, which was on an immigration boat heading to America. The juxtaposition Charlie did in this half is logically in succession to show immigrants’ difficulties during the travelling time to the land of free. Starting with majority of immigrants was seasick on a rocking boat. They

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