How Did African Americans Change Throughout The 1800's

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According to the Declaration of Independence, all men are created equal. But, that is not how society turned out to be. Immigrants, blacks, and women all faces discrimination throughout the 1800's. They were beaten, given poor jobs or sometimes no jobs, and not given the right to vote. They were denied education and never got an opportunity in their life. These reform movements were necessary as they sought to expand democratic ideals so the people being oppressed were given a chance in life. Immigrants started coming to America during the 1800's for many different reasons. Some came for the American Dream, such as the Germans. While others came because of disease, such as the Irish. Americans considered immigrants as outcasts, …show more content…

From then slavery has only grow till around the 1800's when slaves started fleeing to slave-free states and people started anti-slavery campaigns. Throughout this time many slaves did not understand why they were a slave, and why they were being treated as less than a human and being denied rights that every human should have. Slaves would look to their master and wonder why they are not considered a women/man. Why they are not thought of as a sister/brother. What makes them less (Doc. C). A major right denied to slaves was education. There was no school in the south that allowed black children to attend, as people feared that black literacy would prove a threat to the south. During this time period there was also an education reform. Schools were improving, teachers were being better educated for their job, and children were being given such a better learning opportunity, but only white children. Black children were not even given a choice when they were younger, if they wanted earn an education or not. They were automatically put into slavery. While white children were given a chance to improve their life and help their family (Doc. E), while black children are not receiving anything. They are not getting a chance which is why reform movements were so necessary during this time period. So others could get what they

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