How Did Slavery Change Between 1800 And 1860

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Between 1800 and 1860 two major things changed within the country. The cash crops changed from tobacco and rice to the new money maker cotton. Along with the crops changing the slave trade grew to replace the economic short fall in the Chesapeake area. These changed occurred due to the supply and demand of commonly bought goods. Another contributing factor for the crops changing was the invention of the cotton gin in 1793 and the use of cotton in textile facilities. Lastly, with the expansion of the country to the west and into what we now know as Texas drove the need for more slaves to work the land. With the decrease of demand for tobacco and rice, plantations turned to the new crop cotton. In 1800 less than half a million bales of cotton …show more content…

The plantation owners either transfer the slaves to family members or they moved their whole plantation to a new area and took the slaves with them. The other way for slaves to be moved around the country was though sale, this was either done by selling slaves to pioneers moving west to establish their own plantation, or selling slaves to a nearby plantation. “This transfer of entire or partial plantations accounted for about 40 percent of the African American migrants. The rest — about 60 percent of the one million migrants — were “sold south” through traders. By 1860 a majority of African Americans lived and worked in the Deep South, the lands that stretched from Georgia to Texas.” Though 1800 and 1860 the African American population moved throughout the country to new established lands in the south and southwest areas for a few major factors. The change in the countries cash crop drove the slave market to new areas of the country. The crops effected the economy within the Chesapeake area so a new source of revenue was established. The new revenue came about with the need of slaves to work the new areas so the domestic slave trade was born. The slave trade contributed to about 1 million slaves being migrated around the

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