Industrial Revolution In The 19th Century

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In both the early and late 19th century there were a lot of things that contributed to the growth of America. Economically, during this point in time there was extreme growth. Up to the end of the Civil war, the way people went about life was about to change even more than what has already changed in the last fifty years. Post-Civil war, over 4 million slaves were freed. They migrated and assimilated towards the pacific coast and towards northern states. This left southern farms in crisis. The amount of people working on the farms compared to the size of the farm meant it was going to be really tough to maintain the farm himself. What did this mean for the country? There was a crisis that needed to be taken care of, and how would the country handle it? The industry needed something new. The Industrial Revolution can be viewed as one of the most significant reason towards the rise of economic powers in this country. It helped the country in so many ways. This was the start of a new life style for the people of the United States. The industrial revolution affected farmers in many ways. One way it helped the farmers was the invention of many new big machinery. Right after the civil war, there wasn’t a need for slave labor. Instead there was machinery made, that was …show more content…

During the Industrial Revolution, we see many new inventions, ideas, and cultures be created and established. All these changes contributed to the growth of economic power in the United States. This growth allowed the formation of big business to rise. All these factors have played a huge role in how we see our daily lives today. They helped us create laws and social norms that we follow today. These events helped educate us on how to become a better and stronger economic power that can be our references to help us make decisions

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