Technology In The 1920s Essay

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Tech in the 1920’s Imagine you live in a United States without mass production, the more you think about it you realize how hard it would be. But luckily, we live in a world with mass production so we don't need to worry about that. All of that is thanks to the 1920s. The twenties were a time of an industrial boom and a stable economy in America due to the new technology being developed during this time period. After World War 1 the United States economy underwent a massive boom. The economy switched to a consumer economy, which relies on income from large amounts of consumer spending. The average American wage rose by more than 28 percent (Cayton 723). This allowed for Americans to spend their money on new technology being created. Many Americans in cities now had the funds to put electricity in their homes which allowed them to buy …show more content…

In rural areas, electricity was much less common. Rural incomes were struggling due to the depressed prices of crops from more efficient farming. The increasing mechanization of agricultural production meant that a farmer who required 40 to 50 hours of labor to grow 100 bushels of wheat in 1890 could do it with only 15 to 20 hours by 1930 (The Soaring Twenties). The cause of these depressed crop prices were from the gas powered tractor. The tractor allowed for very efficient and quick farming. This made crops much easier for consumers to get, which drove the prices down. This hurt farmers because they were not making as much and needed to pay off the costs of their new farming equipment. The abundance of crops made food cheaper and more accessible to the rest of America. New forms of

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