Essay On Being The First Generation Asian-Mexican Americans

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Being the first generation Asian-Hispanic American, I recognize the importance of being the first in my family in gaining an education. Throughout my youth, I seen my parents work in difficult jobs just to keep food on the table. Especially my mother was an immigrant, arriving to this country at age 16 and her highest education is just a middle school diploma. She struggles in finding jobs due to lack of education, thus she works in jobs that nobody wants such as factories, fields and even traveling across the country as a migrant worker. She would accept any job, no matter how hard it is and how low they pay because she only wants the best for me. My father is also an immigrant, arriving all the way from Sri Lanka at age 22 with his best friend. They came here to escape hardship in their country in order to experience the American dream. He worked hard all his life just like my mother, holding a physical demanding job at a shipyard for over 20 years. While they are now divorce but they still both mutually putting me as the first in their priority. They make sure that I have my basic needs met and also keeping me happy and content with life. Seeing them sacrifice everything for me since the day I was born, I want to reassure her that I will not live a difficult life in poverty and the only way to get out of poverty is through a college education. …show more content…

It is a field I am interested in and I would be guaranteed a pathway out of poverty. I want to go beyond a bachelor’s degree and be able to attain a Masters along with passing the CPA exam. Through my hard work and dedication, I will be able to achieve these goals. Possible after I finish with all my studies, I may decide to open up a business and help create jobs for other Americans in areas such as down here in the Rio Grande Valley where it really needs an economic

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