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Being Hispanic, family is very valuable to me. If there's any single thing that I can help my family with, I will gladly do so. I can remember clearly at the age of ten going with my mother to “help” her clean houses which was her job. Since her English wasn't the best, I would serve has her translator. Now I have helped her establish her own small house cleaning business. Due to my parents speaking very little English and having a low education level, they were never able to help me with my homework; Now I have an 11 year old brother who I help with homework because I don't want him to not have the school support he needs to be a an excellent student due to a language barrier. I know my younger brother looks up to me, I have to be the best …show more content…

I enjoy being there for my grandmother and cleaning her house or doing some picking up here and there as long as I have her company there while I do the work, I don't mind one bit. It's important to me to have strong family values because I feel it makes me a better person and helps me to never forget where I came from. I remember in middle school I did community service and the feeling you get from knowing that you’re being a small part of helping someone in need is a satisfying feeling. I went to Feed the Children to package boxes with everyday necessities. I also have spent some time at the food bank helping packing food for those in need. My blood type is A-, which is a rare blood type so I enjoy going to donate blood also. I know it doesn't sound like the most pleasant thing to do, especially if you're scared of needles but it makes me feel good knowing that if I can provide something to contribute in saving someone's life, I'm all in! Knowing that you can so easily turn someone's day around with any small gesture, whether it be helping at the food bank, donating anything, and spending time with family or friends, is something always worth

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