Importance Of Donating Blood

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When we think of ‘donating’ we usually associate the word with money and we sometimes make excuses on why we can’t donate. But, we need to realize that there are so many things, some even more valuable than money that we can donate like, our time, items we no longer need, and our blood. I believe that donating blood can have a huge impact on someone’s life and it is something we should all consider doing. Receiving blood can be even more valuable than money for some people. Before donating we just need to consider the place we are donating to. In the streets, online, and on the television we see so many advertisements and images that try to persuade us into buying something or doing something. We see so many images in one day that sometimes we do not even realize that they accomplished their goal. An image I found online really caught my attention because it made me realize the importance of donating. It is a picture of a clear donation box filled about half way with blood from the Australian Red Cross. The sign on top of the box says, “Money isn’t everything. Save up to three lives without spending a cent…” This image is directed at everyone who is healthy and capable of donating blood. According to America’s Blood Centers less than 10 percent of people who are eligible to donate blood do so. That means that over 90 percent of the population is not donating their blood. This image is making the statement that you do not need money to help others. A lot of times we think,

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