How To Avoid Cadaver Donation Persuasive Essay

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I’d like everyone to imagine a large empty field. Now throw 620,00 corpses in there. That's how many people die a year in the U.S. by liver and heart failure. Cadaver donation is too low and those people could have lived if they had a donor. People need to stop seeing cadaver donation as ‘strange’ and consider how it helps modern science grow and saves lives. Every living thing dies. You will die, I will die, and some of us sooner than others. What happens to most people when they die is pretty standard. Your family members usually ask for your body to be cremated or embalmed and buried in a coffin. Though, if you are a more extravagant person. Or proper burial is too expensive for your liking, you may choose to be mummified, turned into a pencil, become a paperweight, or have your remains shot into space. …show more content…

They are simply there for the satisfaction of becoming a paperweight.. If you find becoming a paperweight satisfactory. Then there is the option of donating your body to science. Though it is not as interesting as being shot into space, but what it creates is much more extravagant than going to space. Asking for your remains to be donated to science is something that needs to be done more often, and medical sciences will only improve. There doesn’t seem to be a reason not to donate your body to science or students. Though there are still people who pass the option of donation, that's respectable. Though there are many dangers of traditional burial and cemeteries that you are not told of. All cemeteries strive to uphold a reputation of peacefulness and eternal rest, though that isn’t the case with some cemeteries. One of those cemeteries is Stepp Cemetery. The activity there is not very dangerous, yet it’s still odd. Stepp Cemetery is a small cemetery located near a state forest in Indiana. It’s a very diverse cemetery holding graves from 50 years ago, and some

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