Organ Donation Proposal

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In the United States alone, 19 people die every day waiting on an organ transplant that could have saved their lives. The only solution to this problem is getting more drivers registered as organ donors. It has been proposed that the states automatically register their drivers as donors and it is up to the drivers to go through the procedure of opting out if that is what they wish. I agree with this proposal because you still have the freedom to make your choice but most people would not want to go through the process of opting out, so the number of organ donors would be greatly increased. If I was introducing this topic to an audience who knew nothing about it, I would start with explaining what organ donors do. When someone registers as…show more content…
She explained to me that some people’s organs do not work the way they are supposed to and being an organ donor gives you the chance to help those in need. From that moment, I have always known that I would like to be an organ donor. I think the concept of helping improve someone else’s life once your life has ended is one of the most humane ideas we have in today’s society. I find this issue compelling because I know it affects a lot of people. If this proposal actually went into effect, it would be much easier to receive help if you had a damaged organ. Organ transplants in the present day are very expensive even if you have health insurance with high coverage. Another problem is that some organs are so high in demand that there is a waiting list, on which patients can remain for months or years. Increasing the number of donated organs would increase the number of operations which in effect would bring down the expenses and eliminate organ waiting…show more content…
I think that making the process shorter would make it more tolerable for potential donors. I suppose to be an organ donor you cannot have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, as these factors can cause damage to the organs that will be donated, which may be hard for some people. I need to learn about any issues organ donating may cause for the government. I would research if organ donning could be considered an unethical process and cause friction between the government and the public. I also need to look at the economic effects of the transplant operations. When I’m researching I will look into the things that contribute to the costs of the operations and where that money comes from. To find the answers to these questions, I would look on government websites such as and that detail the particulars of organ

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