Persuasive Essay On Organ Donors

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In the United States alone, 19 people die every day waiting on an organ transplant that could have saved their lives. The only solution to this problem is getting more drivers registered as organ donors. It has been proposed that the states automatically register their drivers as donors and it is up to the drivers to go through the procedure of opting out if that is what they wish. I agree with this proposal because you still have the freedom to make your choice but most people would not want to go through the process of opting out, so the number of organ donors would be greatly increased. If I was introducing this topic to an audience who knew nothing about it, I would start with explaining what organ donors do. When someone registers as an organ donor, he is stating that when he dies, he wants his organs to be saved and given to another person in need. Those seeking the organ donations have problems or defects with their own bodies that cannot be repaired. The healthy tissue from one donor can be split up and change multiple lives. After I explained the idea of organ donors to the audience, I would relay unto them the statistics of how many Americans are affected and how many cannot be helped due to the currently low number of donors. Diving into this topic, I already know that we do not have enough organ donors. About 60% of Americans say that they would like to be organ donors yet only around 25% of America’s drivers actually are. Many people often truly consider

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