Proposal For Organ Donation Essay

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Refusal of Organ Donation After Death

Organ donation definition: it takes healthy organs and tissues from one person(the donor) for transplantation into another(the recipient).

An organ transplant may save a person's life, or significantly improve their health and quality of life.

Main Social Problem: Refusal of many people to donate due to many factors and obstacles.

A chronic shortage of organs for transplantation has and continues to be one of the most controversial pressing health issues in many developed countries.During the previous decades, society’s behavior with regard to organ donation remains reluctant. A survey showed that although people plainly accept to offer their organs for transplantation, when a person dies, his or her relatives often refuse donation. To be able …show more content…

5-Making the procedure much easier by providing approval cards in public places.

The future plans to decrease the high rate of refusals are:
1- Connect all ICU hospitals to SCOT .
2-Provide more certified Transplant coordinators to cover all regions in KSA.
3-Provide recognized educational and training program in organ donation and transplant.
5-Prepare the new generation of transplant physicians and surgeons.

In conclusion, Organ donation is a subject of controversy between societies in west and east. In order to implement this program efficiently and avoid the high rates of refusals we need a core cultural development. This development will revolve around changing the mentality of the members of a society while giving them the feeling of social responsibility. Finally since we are living in an islamic society, we have the priority to succeed in this program by following what god says, ”Whosoever saves the life of one person it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.” Holy Qur'an, chapter 5 vs.

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