Persuasive Essay: Everyone Should Be An Organ Donor

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In today 's society, people have a choice whether or not they want to be an organ donor, but many people die each day waiting for a perfect match. Though death is a tragic event, many people can benefit from it. Organ Donation should be required because an increase in donations can save a numerous amount of lives, inform the public about the science, and lower the statistical numbers in America. Increasing Organ Donation will be highly appreciated by the people, along with saving more lives each and everyday. By choosing to donate, the recipients are giving the suffering a second chance at life. Giving a second chance at life to someone who is ill is the best gift some will ever receive. Knowing that the time they 're having to wait has ended and they will eventually be healthy again is so relieving. The daily routine treatments will end and they can live without fear of that organ failing on them or losing their own life. Some people choose to …show more content…

More than 120,000 people died last year while waiting for a donor, donation of organs costs nothing (“Why be an Organ Donor”). Becoming an organ donor opens up various options such as organ donation or body donation. Body donation is where the bodies will be given to universities or schools around America, where the students of medicine department will do research on the body to figure out why the organ failed (“Body Donor Program”). The body will not be presented to the public and after it is researched it will be cremated and returned to the family as ash 's (“Body Donor Program”). With that being said some of the organs will be perfect to donate, but some may not meet all the requirements for donation , such as correct blood types, free of sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, and mental health issues ( "Saving Lives and Giving Hope by Reducing the Organ Waiting

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