Organ Trading: The Black Market

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Consistently many patients who are waiting for an organ transplant die or are informed that they will not be able to survive the surgery as they have grown too weak. Contributing variables are the long waiting time for a suitable donor which brought about the deteriorating health and eventually the failure for the surgery to take place as patients turn out to be too sick. Time is of the essence for these patients. Yet the present arrangement of organ donation neglects to address the needs of these patients.
A strong contributing factor with reference to why sellers sell their organ, is the financial incentive. Frequently, these sellers whose principle purpose behind offering their organ is the monetary gain, in hopes to improve their quality …show more content…

As it is now, organ trading is illegal, hence the presence of the black market for it. Why and how did the black market for organ trading come about and persist? It is due to the insufficient of relevant organ donors that are unable to meet the needs of the patients needing an organ transplant in the quickest time possible, typically, transplantation of kidney or liver. In contrast to the people needing organ transplant, there are those who have healthy organs and are in desperate need of help to improve their lifestyle. With these two groups of people each having something that the other need, ultimately, they found a way to each other through the black market …show more content…

Different sellers get different amount of incentives, parties may not be informed of the risks they are taking and the possible hiccups they may face post-surgery and many more. All these because there is no regulatory body that controls the entire operation and to guarantee no one is being exploited of their organs for the need of others’ life and their own monetary needs. Both the patient and the seller do not receive any post-surgery care needed from any doctor. Sure, the patient get the organ he or she needs and is able to continue living while the seller gains the financial incentive but is the seller getting exploited of his or her organ for a really small amount in return compared to others? Where is the justice in this? Despite the happiness and pleasure gained, there seem to be more possible suffering as a result from this system.

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