Argumentative Essay: The Selling Of Human Organs

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Ronald Faison Eng-106 February 20, 2018 Professor MaryBeth Nipp Definition Argument Essay The selling of human organs under U.S law is illegal for many reasons. By having bids on life or death situations can have a negative effect on people with low to no income waiting for an organ. The only lawful procedure for someone to receive an organ transplant as of now is to be placed on a waiting list. Human organs that are sold is considered human trafficking because it is the process of selling or transferring human tissue by force (National Institute of Justice, 2007). The selling of human organs is not only illegal but unethical, in many cases unsafe, and it is very biased against lower class. CBS news reported a story in July,2009 on a man name Levy Izhak Rosenblum from, Newark, N.J. Sales of human organs from Israel on the black market to American customers in exchange for payments of 120,000 or more (CBS,2011). Levy feels as that he had performed a lifesaving service for desperately ill people who had been on official transplant waiting lists (CBS,2011). The lawyer of Rosenbaum stated that Rosenbaum never solicited clients, recipients found him, and the kidney donors he harvested the kidneys from where well were of what he was doing. The donors were than brought from Israel to U.S hospitals and undergo surgery. According to CBS news critics and experts on organ trafficking many U.S transplant centers are mostly free to write their own rules for screening donors

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