The Pros And Cons Of Selling Organs

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People should be allowed to sell their organs because it would bring more good rather than harm. Considering that most things that are considered moral and ethical generally have the basis that the main idea is for it to bring more pleasure than pain, then selling one’s organs would be not only ethical but also moral. Having this been said allowing people to sell their organs that they do not need to survive would generally help thousands. It would also prevent people from suffering from a thing commonly known as Transplant Tourism. Transplant Tourism is when individuals travel to third world countries in search for organs especially when their time is running out. Usually the organs that are available are sold on the black market with other illegal goods therefore the way they find their means to live is somewhat unethical. …show more content…

If people would be allowed to sell their organs we would be able to avoid this practice and keep the removal of said organs to professionals in a safe environment. Since most times professionals aren 't the ones removing the organs on the black market there has been instances where the wrong organ is removed or a good organ is

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