Organ Selling Will Save Lives By Joanna Mackay Analysis

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In Joanna MacKay's article, 'Organ Selling Will Save Lives", sides with the legalization of organ selling, due to her main focus she emphasizes on kidney failure. In ignorance of government, patients all over the globe are dying on the wait for a kidney transplant.She presents her ideas that government should not prohibit the sale of organs. She writes "lives shouldn’t be wasted they should be saved". Her thesis is understandable and she supports it with good reasons.

MacKay wants the government to know that selling organs isn't a bad thing and that it isn't mandatory ,but voluntary. She discusses that selling organs isn't bad and talked about ways it can help the donor. For example, she said that "both sellers and buyers will benefit with the transaction"(MacKay). The donors won't have to be worried about being tricked in the black market and they will also get a fair amount of money for their organs.Legalizing organ sale will also help the less fortunate people get more money for their kidneys.Regulating this law will protect buyers from buying an organ illegally and without guarantees.

Another form of evidence she uses to catch her readers' attention is pathos. For example, when she states that "the list for transplants are too long that there are people …show more content…

MacKay implies that legalizing organ selling will help the person receiving the donation ,live longer because a living kidney will last a lifetime. A kidney from someone who is dead will only last up to 10 years and it might be damaged ,so having people sell their organs will help.She also states that this should be legalized because there are lots of people who are willing to sell their organs , so why not let them sell their

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