How To Reduce Organ Trafficking

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a. The victim group that is the group most likely to be approached for organ donation and ensure they do not take part in such activities that provide them benefits. b. Enacting a bilateral agreement between the government and the UN providing for mechanisms to combat trafficking and protect victims of trafficking conformity with various international human rights mechanisms. c. Making trafficking an extraditable offense. d. Regularly check all companies that claim to be set up for medical tourism and make sure they do not take part in such activities. e. Developing nations should focus on reducing poverty so that people will not be forced to sell their organs. f. Border security should be increased to prevent trafficking of organs. g. Organ donation after death should …show more content…

Awareness campaigns on dangers of multiple surgery for organ donation 9. Awareness campaigns on keeping healthy in educational and dangers of organ trade and its harm to an individual’s body. 10. In the countries in which the right to education act has been enforced a compulsory awareness of human organ trade. 11. Work on providing people in developing countries with alternative sources of income instead of organ trade. 12. Allowance of organ donation from live donor to immediate family. 13. Extremely restricted policy of allowing a live individual to donate organ to any individual other than immediate family. A very well done (change word) work up to check the intentions of live donor 14. All countries having a voluntary donor system should promote altruistic donations in advertisements to enlarge the donor pool 15. Voluntary organ donation should be restricted as much as possible within one’s own country so as to prevent supply imbalances 16. Requests the pundits,maulvis and other religious heads to update their religions with respect to the modern times without violating their beliefs 17. Monitoring of transplant activities by government and maintain a data bank in this

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