Benefits Of Organ Donation

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Proponents of Organ donation state in The American Transplant Foundation that over 700,000 transplants have taken place in the United States since 1988. Anyone can become a organ donor, though children must have a parents consent to become an organ donor. The American Transplant Foundation states that around 116,000 people in the United States are currently on the waiting list for a lifesaving organ transplant. If you are a healthy person you can be a ‘living donor’ by donating blood, bone marrow, a kidney or part of your liver, lung, or intestine. Relatives are most of the time a living donor but can also donate to a stranger. One deceased donor can save up to eight lives through organ donation. Organs that can be donated after death are…show more content…
Just a kidney transplant can cost around $260,000 stated in the article How Much Does a Transplant Cost. Many people think that they will end up having to pay for the cost of the surgery but it goes on the recipient 's insurance. If someone is hospitalized, the medical staff provides the best possible care, regardless of organ donor status. Donation is only considered after a patient has been declared dead by a medical physician. In a article Health Guidance said by being an organ donor you can actually help to save more than one life, rather it can help to save several and a single donor may touch the lives of up to 50 people. It gives the organ recipient a second chance at life by no longer having to depend on costly routine treatments to survive, and return to a normal healthy lifestyle. One of the biggest advantage of organ donation is it saves lives that would otherwise be lost. The organ donor 's family members in some cases can correspond to the recipient of their loved ones organs and feel that at least something came out of the…show more content…
A disadvantage of being a ‘living donor’ all surgeries come with the risk of infection, future medical problems, medical error, and even death. After donating an organ the donor could develop a disease or a condition that could compromise the function of the remaining organ. People don 't realize what the body goes through when they donate or recieve a organ it is along way to recovery. Depression and anxiety are developed in most cases because of the difficult recovery process. Often when the recipient and living donor leave the hospital they are taking several different medications to control blood pressure or to help from fighting off the donor organ. Cons of Organ Donation states that a patient can leave the hospital with 10 or 15 prescriptions. Also a factor people don 't think about is how much time off work they will miss recovering. Legally, a donor is not allowed to receive any money for their organ donation. In this case the remaining balance after the recipient 's insurance, prescriptions, treatments, and any long term effects on your body come out of your pocket. There are some religious views that are against organ donation. Some of these views are that it could affect you in the afterlife. Many people are afraid if they are organ donors it will affect their own medical treatment and the doctors and surgeons will not give their best of their ability to save
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