Argumentative Essay On Selling Organs

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Donating organs is very impactful on its own, yet some believe that organs should be sold. Both arguments want the same outcome to get as many individuals as possible the organs they need in order to maintain a normal life. The difference here lies in the format one receives/buys their organs. The main problem with selling/ buying organs comes down to the financial hierarchy; who ever has the money gets the organ and this cannot be the deciding factor, on who get to receive one, which allows for opportunities. Opportunities come in all forms and as defined in the dictionary as “a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success” (“Dictionary”, n.d.). Both are great ideas that once again want the same outcome yet one makes this dream a reality for a greater population of individuals reaching more and more people. Donating organs has plenty of benefits not only for the recipient but the donor as well. Organ donations in the United States are opportunities that can give others hope, the will to keep moving forward, and faith in mankind.
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Selling organs does seem to have its benefits like preserving the organs mad making sure the environment is constant. Yet the same thing can be done when fundraising for the money as well. Organs are not meant to be preserved but only used when it is vital therefore money should not a huge obstacle. Also hope allows for more individuals to allow for opportunities to become more apparent, moving on from an experience such as this one is also an opportunity that is given know feeling much better, and lastly donating allows for the opportunity to restore faith back into mankind; knowing that there are individuals who are willing to give the last thing they have on this earth to complete and total

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