Illegal Organ Market Persuasive Essay

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An Illegal but Helpful Alternative The illegal market of human organs is a helpful and life-saving alternative for many patients seeking an organ they need to replace. For many patients in need of an organ, time and money are always a nuisance. In many occasions, patients would spend their life-savings in dialysis treatments and their time in the organ transplant waiting list, only to have no benefit at all. The illegal organ market can decrease the time patients spend in the waiting list, the price of organ transplants outweighs the price of dialysis treatment in multiple months, and it would help donors who are struggling economically. Having more organs available for patients would remarkably decrease the time spent on the waiting list. Luckily, the illegal organ market would be able to speed up the process. Brokers who specialize in the trafficking of human organs can find international donors and connect them with the organ receivers. Brokers finding international donors means organ receivers have more chances of finding organs they need than those waiting for a transplant only inside their country. Moreover, it would be better to have an international availability for human organs than just a nationally supplied market. In many patients, their …show more content…

For a low-income individual trying to help others, donating an organ can be a great opportunity. According to the article “Need a Kidney? Inside the World’s Biggest Organ Market” by Nishtha Chugh, brokers are able to organize the surgical removal of the desired organ in reliable hospitals and facilitate the process for the donor. Brokers achieve an efficient and safe process for all parties involved. Also, they are responsible that donors are paid before the operation takes place. The illegal organ market can be a reliable alternative for someone trying to earn money and save a human life in the

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