Informative Essay On Organ Donation

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Who wants to become a hero and save someone’s life? By becoming an organ donor, you can do just that! You’ll have the chance to save someone’s life or at least make it better. There are fewer donors than people needing the donations. Ninety-five percent of adults support organ donation but only forty-eight percent actively sign up to officially be an organ donor (HRSA). There are 119,000 people on the organ transplant list, and additional patients are being added every ten minutes (HRSA). As people are being added, there are twenty-two people who die each day waiting for the perfect match (HRSA). The perfect match includes the same blood type, physical size, tissue type, how ill they are, distance from the donor, and how much time they have spent on the transplant list. There are many myths influencing …show more content…

My uncle developed diabetes when he was sixteen years old which destroyed his kidneys. After being on dialysis for a while, he was placed on the transplant list. The third possible transplant call was the perfect match for his kidney/pancreas transplant. After his recovery, he was no longer diabetic and no longer needed dialysis. He had his quality of life back and could do and eat anything he wanted. We are so grateful that someone was caring enough to be an organ donor. I also have a close friend of the family who had a similar experience with his successful kidney transplant and he was able to discontinue dialysis. He can now live his life a lot fuller without the constraints of dialysis.
I feel organ donation is best promoted through word of mouth. I share the stories of my uncle and friend to inform others of the positive impact of organ donation. Thanks to those organ donors and families who give the gift of life! Becoming an organ donor is easy! Just have the box checked on your driver’s license and share your wishes with your family. Become someone’s hero and be an organ

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