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Anna Fitzgerald was conceived to be the perfect donor for her sister Kate, who is suffering from leukemia, in other words, blood cancer. Her parents handpicked the embryo to have genes that would perfectly match Kate’s in order to get the stem cells that would save Kate. After that, Kate goes into remission. However the cancer comes back, and Anna is consistently needed throughout her life to supply Kate with cells and even bone marrow. Kate’s condition holds Anna back from doing many things, such as sports and living independently away from the family. Eventually, after many years, Kate needs a new kidney to survive. Naturally, Anna’s kidney is the perfect match, but Anna does not want to give her kidney over due to the many medical …show more content…

She was genetically picked to have DNA matching to Kate’s. A headstrong girl who is a bit cynical and a indecisive. She does not want to hurt her family, but she does not want to be burdened as Kate’s provider. While working with Campbell Alexander she makes many sarcastic comments, but at her core she cares about others to a great extent. Throughout her life cells and bone marrow are taken from her to help Kate. She feels as if she is forever tied to Kate because of this.
Sara Fitzgerald:
She acts as the primary antagonist throughout the series, consistently opposing Anna to the point where she goes into court against her. She cares about both of them, but validates her reasons as she wants to save both of them, not keep one and lose the other. Most of her actions in the book involve Kate. By extensively caring about her health, she forgets about the rest of her children.
Brian Fitzgerald:
He is a firefighter and spends most of the book in the firehouse. His reason for doing so is to escape the chaotic situation in his homelife. He can sympathize with Anna and his other children and initially supports her. However during court he is broken down with …show more content…

Her multiple surgeries and treatments have made her thin and lean. She is the older sister of Anna who has a rare form of leukemia. Throughout the whole story we see her fight with leukemia from the diagnosis to the current point of the story. There are flashbacks in the book that show her before she got leukemia. At the end of the book Anna reveals that Kate actually did not want the kidney transplant. Kate’s perspective is only shown for the beginning and the end of the book.
Julia Romano:
Julia is the guardian ad litem for Anna. She is resilient and independent which makes her the ideal person for her position. Julia wants the best for Anna and ultimately decides that it is Anna’s decision on whether or not she wants to donate her kidney. She used to be Campbell Alexander’s girlfriend in college but then they broke up for unknown reasons. When they work together she can’t help but question the

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