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How do you feel when you have to wait for something you really, really want? What if it was something you couldn’t live without? I will talk about organ donation and hope that you will take my veiws on organ donation on board and give someone the most amazing gift after you have passed away, the gift of life. At this moment in the US there are 84 000 U.S patients waiting for an organ transplant. The number of people on the waiting list is increasing every day. You probably think that 84,000 aren’t that many people, compared to the U.S. population which is close to 300 million, but what if it’s your friends and family on the organ transplatwaiting list? There might be somebody you know on the waitning list for organ transplatation.

The people on the waiting list need new organs, which mean they need our help, because there are not enough organ donors, people willing give up there organs when the die and willing to make organ donation possible. Every 16 minutes, a new name is added to the transplatation watitinglist. This means 90 people will be added to the waiting list during a day. How many people die in the USA per day then? Just in the USA it dies over 6000 people per day, which means that if every person in the USA donated their organs, we wouldn’t have a waiting list to organ transplantation in 14 days. As an organ donor you have the possibility to choose to donate the organs or tissues as you specify or any needed organs.
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