Persuasive Essay On Organ Donation

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Organ Donation, only two hundred one thousand, four hundred and fifty-nine people are registered at death since 1988 and only one hundred fifty-two thousand and ninety people were living donors since 1988. Compared to the amount of people who died with organs that are donatable, that 's not much and the amount of living donors compared to the amount of living people right now is three hundred twenty-five million, seven hundred sixty-two thousand, seven hundred and ten the amount of living donors is only 21.4190748899% of the population. It seems many people that can donate don’t know all the facts of organ donation. Even though some people believe stuff they view on television, television writers usually over exaggerate things. Despite advances in medicine and technology, and increased awareness of organ donation and transplantation, there continues to be a gap between supply and demand. The United States should be an opt-in system instead of an opt-out system and if anything help people change their minds and become either live donors or donors when they pass-away with facts, common misconceptions, and myths.
There are many facts about organ donation that many people do not know. In Australia they use an opt-out system meaning everyone is an organ donor at death this keeps the organ donation waiting list really low at only one thousand, five hundred people at any one time while the USA has an opt-in system meaning you ask to be put in and at any one time seventy-four

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