Organ Donation Shortage

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Shortage of Organ Donation
“In India, every year nearly 500,000 people die because of non-availability of organs” (Poreddi, 2016). Health is the most important element that can support people to be more energy to complete their life positively with high ambition. Recently, physicians have discovered many deadly diseases that have spread sharply among people such as cancer, kidney failure, heart diseases and diabetes. In the same time, many medical solutions have been discovered for these diseases. One of these solutions that can help people to overcome the disease is organ donation. The concept of organ donation is that allows doctors to remove part of the body to another person in a legal way whither the person live or dead. In fact, experts …show more content…

In additional, organ donation process can help people to get more benefits such as increase life span, improve quality of life, and less expensive than treatment. Doctors have mentioned that there is a shortage organ donation in the world especially in the develop countries and that shortage related to lack of awareness, religious leaders, and fear of health complication. To begin with, many studies and research show that lack of awareness can be the most important reason of shortage of organ donation. Narrow-mindedness comes from many significant aspects that can lead to this shortage. For example, Low education and lack of knowledge that relates to organ donation and how organ donation can give people who are suffering from chronic disease glimpse of hope. Moreover, this lack of awareness especially in the develop countries have faced enormous …show more content…

That means that the gap between demands for organs and numbers of donors have increased to be very obvious. As was previously stated, scientific researchers found many factors that lead to this lack of donation. First of all, lack of knowledge, education, experience, and failed experiments that relate to donation lead to narrow-mindedness. All these facts can lead to taking wrong decision that couldhaves the ability to help many necessitous patients. Actually, the correct response to increasing the awareness is using Influencers people in the social media and present successful experiences in transplantation system in the last few years to encourage people to donate. Moreover, health and education ministries could also have significant influence to raise the awareness by conduct lectures about organ donation in details, specifically in universities and hospitals. Additionally, some religious leaders have a very sharp influence between people who relate to the same doctrine because the opinion of these religious leaders opposed the idea of donation.Further,r complicating matters, religious beliefs of religious leaders is that the idea of donation leads to disrespect the integrity of the human body because they believe that the person will be at other places after death and need their body. The solution for this complicated issue is to make structured

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