Immigration In America Essay

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Previous years in America immigration has been problematic, even now it has become a big issue. Americans are afraid that undocumented workers who come to our nation and work will stay leading to overpopulation and will take jobs from Americans. Before we choose sides let's step back and see the history of immigration, the largest immigration groups and where they live. The history of immigration started all the way back to the colonial times. In order to understand where us Americans are from and where all the immigrants are from we must look into the past. The earliest immigration or exploration was in the 1500s when the Spanish and French went to South America and Florida in search for precious metals while spreading Christianity. This …show more content…

In New York City, the biggest city in the U.S. there are multiple communities within it. The largest is Chinatown, Chinatown in New York City is known to have the largest Chinese immigrants in the western hemisphere. These immigrants came long ago in the 18th century first to the gold rush in California but eventually they traveled to New York and married creating a community in America. Even with the Chinese Exclusion Act, illegal chinese immigrants continue to come in large numbers growing their community to what is now called Chinatown. These communities are in every major cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Houston, and much more. Hispanics also impact greatly in the American economy and population. In the U.S. 55% of the hispanic population are in three states; Florida, Texas, and California. This majority of immigrants have a distinctive culture within their communities, from authentic foods to traditions. Hispanics are known to have the most immigrants in the United States in search for good jobs. In the Inside Man with Morgan Spurlock the undocumented workers from Mexico are proud that they got a job and each paycheck they get majority they send back to Mexico for their family. Eventually families in Mexico immigrate to the U.S. America compared to other countries around the world are more culturally diverse, each American citizen come from an immigrant ancestor that landed in North America back

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