Mexican Immigration Sociology

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Methods and Sources In this paper, I analyzed and used various scholarly sources as my evidence to help demonstrate how Mexican immigrants have been an important economic group to Los Angeles. My mythological approach to this project has mainly included using academic books and a peer-reviewed journal article to help reinforce my thesis. The books I used were Latino Los Angeles, Steel Barrio, and Latino Metropolis. In these books, the authors have either discussed the patterns of Mexican immigration, how Mexicans have had a huge role in contributing to the Los Angeles economy, and the various types of job sectors Mexicans have worked in. One book, Steel Barrio focuses on the steel industry in Chicago, Illinois. Nevertheless, this book can …show more content…

I interviewed both my parents, who both arrived in Los Angeles in the 1970s and experienced tough journeys arriving in the United States. They also provided testimony of their experiences working in various jobs/industries in Los Angeles. I chose to conduct interviews with my parents because I feel that their experiences will enhance my paper and their accounts are important, especially because I am analyzing how Mexican immigrants have contributed to the Los Angeles economy. Their stories and experiences serve as oral accounts, which I will be able to have once my parents are no longer with me. These interviews were held and conducted in my home. I asked a series of questions relating to their migration and working experiences. Some of the questions I asked included; What was your journey like coming to the US? Can you share some hardships you faced crossing the border? Besides economic opportunities, what other motives did you have to reach the US? Did the idea of the “American Dream” influence your journey? Did you every fear or were worried of being deported. I also asked questions that deal with their job experiences such as; What types of jobs did you work in when you arrived in Los Angeles?, What are your personal experiences working in a steel/clothing company? How did you feel working in this company? Did you ever have any other choices working in other jobs besides clothing/steel factories? These are some of the questions I asked for my research. Overall, both the academic books, peer-reviewed articles and interviews will help me discuss and share the importance of Mexican immigrants in the Los Angeles economy. These methodological approaches serve as a demonstration as to why Mexican immigrants are an important group to the US and Los Angeles

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