Mexican Immigrants In America

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America The Land of opportunity, still being said by many but is it really true? Many people even today leave their home countries in search of better life for themselves and their children so they come over to America. This was true during early 1900’s also called an Era of Industrialization when thousands of people of Mexican descent migrated to America from Mexico to find opportunities that they didn’t have back in Mexico. America was the land of opportunity to mexican people to an extent since it provided them with jobs, but along with the job they were handed with racial segregation, discrimination and exploitations. There were more cons than pros that came along with the opportunities. In this essay we are going to look at three things …show more content…

However, the only jobs that was given to people of color were least desiring and back breaking jobs with intense labor work which many Americans consider mexican were born to do (Gamboa, Traqueros and Racial Ideology, 02/13/2017). From farming, construction, railroads to the dangerous mining jobs. Mexican immigrants got the jobs but with the job they had to pay a huge price, price of humiliation. In every step they faced a great amount of discrimination, segregation and humiliation. There was exploitation, child labour ,dual wage system. Children as young as four years old worked long hours in factories under dangerous conditions. Factories employing children were often very dangerous places leading to injuries and even deaths.Workdays would often be 10 to 14 hours with minimal breaks during the shift. The mexican were paid very low wages compared to their white counterparts.The unfair amount of wage given to mexicans were not enough to support their families leading to debt peonage system which were passed off from generations to generations (Gamboa, Traqueros and Racial Ideology, 02/13/2017). Despite having received support from the American government, such as housing, work, and education, America had unequal distribution of opportunities for the people who diligently worked …show more content…

They created their own community,churches because they were shunned and segregated. Shortly after the industrialization in early 1900’s the economy plummeted and hit the ground which was also referred to “La Crisis” by Mexicans. It brought Hardships, Misery, Desperation, Instability, Insecurity and unemployment. Mexicans were public enemy and were blamed for the nation's economic troubles and hard times. There was Anti-American attitudes spread in the air (Gamboa,La Crisis, 03/01/2017).Estimated 70,000 mexicans were deported in 4 years.Repatriation Program were being carried out which pushed out 600,00-2 million mexicans and mexican americans who were citizens.(Gamboa, A forgotten

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