Fahrenheit 451

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It’s evident that humanity has achieved seemingly impossible feats through technology and inventions; yet, it’s equally clear that technology can be a mindless distraction from unavoidable life issues that individuals try to escape. Though technology was intended for good, something people can benefit from, it’s become a quick escape for people so that they may easily sit and drool before a colored screen instead of applying themselves to something meaningful. Television and social media has hindered humanity because of its uselessness. It is an unnecessary addition to people’s daily routine that ultimately allows people to pretend to be involved in society, but in reality it creates a means to evade responsibility and endeavors. Since the beginning of time, people have attempted treacherous and disturbing events to simply stay amused. Humans desire an escape from the harsh …show more content…

Information is spoon fed to individuals. An illusion of choice is present; people can always choose the news station they watch, but which station, if any, has the most accurate information? Social media and television create opinions for people so they can sit back and accept the ludicrous concepts as their own. Post are composed of current political events such as gay marriage and police brutality, but the repetition is obvious; it’s evident that the opinions are derived from others without true original thoughts or consideration on the matter. Thoughts are crammed down the throats of the people, and the people willingly accept and adopt them. Even more disturbing, humans enjoy this useless, false information and entertainment. More people view Keeping Up With the Kardashians than educational programs on Discovery Chanel because intellect is no longer valued as long as amusement occurs. These inventions have proven that society will not put effort or thought forth if it is not pushed to do

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