Interaction Through Technology

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How is technology changing the way we interact with people around us? Some say technology is resulting in people hiding behind their screens, while others believe it is making relationships stronger. I believe that technology is having many different effects on how people are interacting with each other. I feel that it is causing some people to hide, some try to appear different than what are, yet it is allowing others to stay in stronger contact when they are not able to see each other. “The phone, it’s awkward. I don’t see the point. Too much just a recap and sharing feelings. While a text… I can answer on my own time. I can respond. I can ignore it. So it really works with my mood I’m not bound to anything, no commitment… I have control over the conversation and also more control over what I say.”(377) Sherry’s point of this essay is to show that although we us…show more content…
She begins her essay by informing us how technology affects different kinds of people differently. She states, “It’s only on the screen that shy people open up.”(373) she states that when hiding behind the screen people that are afraid to interact with others and feel comfortable enough to come out of their shell and talk to people. Sherry shows that some people feel safer when they hide behind their screens because they are not afraid they will not know what to say. When they are behind the screen, they have as much time to respond as they need. In my opinion, technology is making it worse for these people. It is letting them stay hidden which results in them never having to go out into the world and interact with people face to face. Yes, it lets them interact with people, but talking to people through a screen is not the same as talking to someone face

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