The Dangers Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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The dangers of technology are scary, as technology advances daily and forces people to become more and more dependent on it, making people feel lonely, socially awkward and feelingless. Technology has shown different types of dangers such as: the total loss of privacy, the death of human interaction, and the over-reliance on technology, which is not good for the society and societal development. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury shows a good example of how important human interaction, literature, and relations to people are. Ray Bradbury also predicted how technology would dominate people’s everyday lives from 1953 to 2053 and as of now and life nowadays. He was correct about how people can’t go without using their technological tools such as phones, computers, tablets and other types of technologies that distract people. In the fantasy text, the author conveys the same idea of how lonely and socially awkward …show more content…

As the isolation of a human happens through social media and technology, one does not feel the need to make new connections with people, therefore proving that new technologies and social media isolate people. With the development of new technologies people no longer want to or feel the need to establish human bonds, as they have their precious social media to fall back on, Fahrenheit 451 demonstrates this the best, as Mildred gets attached to technology and completely loses connection with Montag, as she has no contact with him and does not even care about him, as well as the fantasy text where Yvette Vickers had no connection with people at the age of 82 and had no one to talk to, which caused her to lose the ability to talk to people in person. She began to prefer to use social media, as she thought it was easier for her to communicate with people she didn’t

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