Technology In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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In the book Fahrenheit 451 the author Ray Bradbury states that he believes what he writes about in the book will start to happen in the future. I believe there are similarities and that the book is close to being similar to todays society is. that would involve being technology obsessed and letting that interfere with everyday life, Seeing false information and having it cause panic or be meant to disrupt how you think, and Being depressed has become more common over the decades. Reffering back to the book there are many cases where technology has gotten in the way of relationships or moments where communication isnt there. Montag wanted to get Mildred to go look for Clariss and she was so focused on the television she didn't get up. This is a problem that in today's world we face a lot and it gets normalized by being called a “couch potato” but a study found that fifty five percent of people think their partner or spouse spends too much time on their phone or device. This is just one reason why the book and today's society can be compared and said to be similar. …show more content…

In the book Fahrenheit451 Granger the leader of the small group, shows Montag the television and it shows Montag getting captured and trapped and then killed. This was false because he was watching ir himself, this ties along with false information because the false information is meant to cause panic and people to think they have access to power or people that they don't. In modern America false information is everywhere. On social media people spread false information just for views and for people to click on their

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