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What is a community? A community is a group of people who have at least one characteristic in common, whether it is their beliefs, race, country of origin etc. In our life, we are a part of many communities whether it was by choice such as a dance group or school club, or not such as the country we were born in.

A lot of communities have their own holidays such as Christmas which was originally a Christian tradition but it has spread to other communities such as Catholics and atheists, and Anzac day which is celebrated by Australians and New Zealanders. When people become a part of a new community or at least visiting an open community they 'll notice there are differences in every community. From the way people act to their culture, every community is different. Such as how in Japan it is considered rude to give tips unlike in the USA where it is prefeared if you do tip. Or how a lot of Middle Eastern coutries force people to be nearly completely covered while Western and Southern Europian countries mostly allow people to wear what they want.

There are two main types of communities: Open communities and Closed communities. In open communities, anyone can join no matter who you are, and everything is more public. While closed communities are more closed off and are usually more …show more content…

If the people who run the closed community have to decide who gets in and who doesn 't it would probably be safer as they know who 's in it and how dangerous they can be. In open communities, the people who run it may not know everyone in the community so there could be someone extremely dangerous right underneath their noses. But it doesn 't mean that closed communities are better than open communities. Closed communities have a harder time accepting others and certain closed communities can be so closed off that they are behing in advancedments and have a harder time reintegrating into

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