Homeless People Book Report

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A troubled detective goes undercover to investigate a series of homeless people being killed, which leads to a major conspiracy.


FRANK MCCOY (37) is a detective after redemption. Thugs seeking revenge attack Frank and his family. His young daughter, LINDSEY (6), is injured. Fearing for the safety of his family, McCoy sends his wife, AUDREY, and Lindsey away. McCoy also deals with the stigma of accidentally shooting his partner, FLANAGAN.

When AGENT CLARK offers McCoy a chance at redemption, he takes it. Homeless people are going missing and then showing up dead. McCoy agrees to go undercover as a homeless man. He carries a torn teddy bear claw and a zippo lighter. Clark has a transmitter hidden in the lighter.

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Corrupt detective Flanagan and police officer, CHRIS RIFKEE, along with other cops from the force, are behind the abduction of the homeless people. They force them to fight against each other, until one is killed. They then cover up the crime.

While investigating, a distraught McCoy, consumed with guilt about the attack on his family, cuts his wrist. Irvin rushes him to the hospital. Audrey and Lindsey want to come back home. The family is reunited.

McCoy knows he has to complete what he has begun and wants to go back undercover. He believes that the police might be behind the homeless killings. Clark agrees with the …show more content…

The police arrest “homeless” McCoy. There’s a struggle and he drops the torn teddy bear paw. The police take McCoy to a secret cell, where he finds the body of Zoe.

McCoy is forced to fight with other homeless men for sport. McCoy has no choice to defend himself in order to survive. Flanagan and Rifkee recognize him and are uncertain if he’s acting as a cop or really homeless.

Frantic, Audrey files a missing person’s report. Rifkee runs into her and abducts Audrey and Lindsey, as an insurance policy.

Irvin finds the bear claw. Clark watches. The transmitter is now hidden inside the claw. Clark watches as the police arrest Irvin, but realizes they aren’t taking him to jail.

McCoy is forced to face Irvin in the arena, but they both refuse to fight with each other. Frustrated, Flanagan shoots Irvin. Irvin hands McCoy the paw and he sends out a distress signal to Clark.

McCoy battles Flanagan and Rifkee, but to his horror learns that Rifkee has his family hold hostage. McCoy kills Flanagan, but Rifkee escapes. He has Lindsey. There’s a car chase and crash. McCoy believing that Lindsey is trapped inside the trunk of the car, races to rescue her, before the car crashes over the edge of a cliff. He can’t hold onto the car and watches as the car goes over the

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